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But, I think that we have a chance to do better. And if we wake up every day and try to make things better, eventually, we might find that better is good enough.

- Carolina - Don’t Say It- RvB S10E22

I forget sometimes how much thought goes into Red Vs Blue.  Even if you go all the way back into the early seasons there will always be some words of wisdom. 

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Let’s talk about this dude for a second, ok? This is Galen. He is a force-user. He’s a pretty freaking great force-user. His mom and dad are Jedi, but because they love each other, they leave the Order and hide on Kashyyk so they can raise their son in peace. But then his mom dies protecting a group of Wookies and his father is left alone with baby Galen who is a pretty great force-user, remember?

So now comes along Darth Vader a few years later, who is a big dick and senses this super awesome force-user hiding away on Kashyyk. And Vader shows up with his big army and confronts poor Galen’s dad and then kills the guy because remember the part about him being a dick? But Vader realizes that it is actually Galen who he senses being all super awesome force-wielder-y. So he kidnaps seven-ish-year old Galen and spends the next decade and change torturing and abusing and basically ruining the kid.

This is where The Force Unleashed really begins. First off: Galen is seventeen. Yeah. The whole time you play this game with the kickass sexy Starkiller, stabbing Stormtroopers because what-the-hay and killing Jedi, you are sitting in the shoes of a seventeen year old kid. (For you supernerds, Galen favors the Form V lightsaber technique, a mix of Djem So and Shien, which is why he holds his lightsaber in a reverse grip, which totally adds to the sexiness. You may also recognize this grip from Ashoka in the Clone Wars series, and yeah she just got sexier in your head too)  Remember when you were seventeen? I bet you weren’t pulling Star Destroyers out of the sky and starting a Rebellion and changing the course of the galaxy. Not like you had the opportunity, but honestly you could have at least asked out your crush, I mean, Galen died for his and you couldn’t ever muster up an invitation to prom?

Of course in the middle of all that you’ve got him falling head over heels in love with the ever sexy, qualified, kickass pilot Juno who basically makes you want to join the Empire because if she is in it, hell yeah you want to be next to her. And when she joins the Rebellion everyone is like, Oh yeah I wanna be in the Rebellion because Juno Motherhugging Eclipse is at the helm.

And then, right when you think Galen is possibly the most awesome, sexiest, most-awkward-around-women Jedi that has ever existed, he dies. He is seventeen years old, and dies at the hand of a corrupt regime intent on squashing all hope in the galaxy. And seventeen year old Galen becomes the first martyr of the Rebel Alliance. They use his family crest as their symbol of hope. Because of Galen, Luke Skywalker is contacted by R2-D2 and meets Obi-Wan and saves Leia and blows up the Death Star and confronts Vader and saves the entire galaxy. But Galen is seventeen years old and only knew of one person in the universe who loved him. So yeah, Galen Marek is my favorite character in Star Wars.

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